Seventeen – University Of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Seventeen – University Of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Suspend disbelief while a mature cast relive the joys and sorrows of being seventeen.


Seventeen by Matthew Whittet explores the transition from school to adulthood and its inevitable endings and beginnings in an action-packed, emotional rollercoaster of 80 mins of theatre. 


Layers of complexity within the characters and their relationships emerge during the play. The cast really bring their characters to life. Lindsay Dunn as Tom the most mature for his age but sensitive, loyal, and striving for confidence and independence. His solar guitar and vocal performance is a surprising and poignant element.  Kate Anolak as Edwina the smart kid with her future mapped out, and a bravado that belies some insecurity, is a convincing teenager. Rebecca Kemp as Lizzie, Mike’s kid sister who is equal parts irritating and insightful, injects timely comedy into some tense moments.  AJ Bartlett as Mike the brash try-too-hard instigator of the end of school celebrations is fearful of the inevitable separations.  Lindy LeCornu as Sue his girlfriend has no specific goals for her future and is unprepared for her life to be suddenly disrupted. Jack Robins as Ronny is a tragi-comic figure always on the outside of the circle with his own traumas to overcome.


The disconnect between the physical appearance of the performers and their dialogue and behaviour is a little disconcerting and potentially ridiculous. My own approach was to see it as mature actors playing mature characters who in turn were reliving their teenage years, and that perspective also provides an enduring optimism that everything will be all right in the end. Tom’s prophetic dream echoes that.


The cast of seasoned performers delivers this play well.  It would not have worked with any lesser talent.  There are some very fine performances.


Congratulations to directors Matthew Chapman and Angela Short and their team on an energetic and engaging production.  


It is a play that continues in your mind well after the final bow.

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild
University of Adelaide – Little Theatre, The Cloisters
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