SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS – Northern Light Theatre Company

SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS – Northern Light Theatre Company

Reviewed by Paul Davies

March 2014

One of the difficulties with this piece, as outlined in director Fran Edwards’ programme notes is the number of scene changes, and the pressure that puts on keeping the pace going throughout the evening.

But I knew, even as we drove into the car-park, that there was going to be no such issue here. I knew because the stage-hands were chatting amongst themselves outside the theatre, and I thought even then that for opening night this was a very good sign of a team that were well drilled and well prepared. I was not wrong. The action trots on at a cracking pace for the whole performance.

Sophia Bubner as Millie is the stand-out performer of an excellent cast who all gel, and work together very well. There were moments at the beginning of Act 1 where diction could’ve been much better, but confidence obviously grew in Act 2.

I have to express my chagrin at the use of microphones, unfortunately when there are not enough for everyone to have one it only highlights the fact for me.

The choreography, both of the dancing and the fighting is second-to-none. The barn-dance social scene is the highlight of the show in my opinion, and you’ll have to go a very long way to find its equal, either amateur or professional.

I am impressed too with the set. –especially the tree-trunks. –Genius!

Northern Light’s reputation is well won, and well maintained with this excellent production.

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