RUMOURS – Galleon Theatre Group

RUMOURS – Galleon Theatre Group

Reviewed by Janice Bailey

November 2015

The Marion Cultural Centre houses the Domain Theatre which is a gem and home to the Galleon Theatre Group. Their current offering, Rumours, written by Neil Simon is a delight. Director Kym Clayton has chosen the version re-written for a British audience as opposed to the American version. Under his skilful direction the characters have achieved the perfect balance which prevents farce becoming improbable and ridiculous.
The characters have some delicious dialogue with which to work and they make the most of it. Anita Canala delivers an immaculate performance as Chris, the wife of Ken, who gradually becomes more inebriated as the plot unfolds. She has some wonderful lines but it is her unfaltering physicality which impresses. Linda Lawson as Claire faultlessly delivers some of the best and slickest one-liners as she also masters the gradual deterioration into inebriation. Andrew Clark as Len, Claire’s husband, delivers the hilarious monologue which in essence summarises the plot. This is a highlight of the show and a sheer delight. The whole cast work wonderfully as an ensemble and make the most of Simon’s dialogue. 
Set design and construction is immaculate and a credit to the hard-working team. Costume coordinator Ronda Shepley has sourced elegant costumes befitting an anniversary party which brings the group together, even though we never actually meet the husband and wife whose anniversary is being celebrated. Congratulations should go to everyone involved in this production. The season runs until 28 November.
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