Rookery Nook – Tea Tree Players

Rookery Nook – Tea Tree Players

Currently it seems to be the norm in productions not to use a curtain. TTP bucked this trend and used the curtain to great effect by keeping the audience in the dark until the opening that revealed a truly stunning set.

Mandy Lumb as Gertrude Twinestarted the oration in a fast pace and set the tone that was continued by all the cast for the entire show.

Adrian Heness portrayed the snobbish Gerald Popkiss brilliantly as he was reduced to a smitten school boy when meeting Rhoda Marley played by Keyarra Maur. Rhoda was the attractive stepdaughter of the tyrannical German, Putz, and her arrival set the scene for the rest of the play.

Benjamin Forster, as Clive Popkiss, was the perfect cousin and their joint actions and dialogue were reminiscent of slapstick comedy that had the audience chuckling with delight.

Robert Donnarumma, as Harold Twineadded to the slapstick with his ample portrayal of the under the thumb husband.

Chris Gallipo as Mrs Leverett was ideal as the nosy housekeeper who was in and out of every scene.

All the supporting actors added to the production, in particular Kelly Cusack as Poppy Dickey, the flag girl whose animation was infectious but her diction was at times indistinct.

Barry Hill’s direction ensured the fast pace and the excellent performance of all the cast.

I would recommend this play for anybody who enjoys comedy at its best.

Rookery Nook
Tea Tree Players
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