Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

October 2013

Bringing such a well known cult hit to the stage is a brave move for veteran director Matt Byrne. The comparisons to Quentin Tarantino‘s film of the same name are inevitable, but he and his fellow cohorts need not worry as they deliver an energetic display of drama, delusion and nail-biting theatre that is all their own.

The story depicts the events before and after a botched diamond heist. Each character has been given an alias to protect their identities, but this becomes irrelevant as the violence and chaos gives way to death and mistrust.

The large ensemble work well together and apart from the unavoidable set changes,  the show hurtles along at a dizzying pace.

Rohan Watts is formidable as Mr.White, a career criminal who finds an alliance with undercover cop Mr. Orange played by Marc Clement. Both settle into their roles early and give convincing performances. Michael Coumi is maniacal as newly released inmate Mr. Blonde, his best moments saved for Act two. Jim McInnes breathes life into the character of Mr. Pink, he captures his trepidation and anxiety consistently through out  and is a stand out in this ensemble piece. Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown are played by James McCluskey-Garcia and Matt Byrne respectively. Rounding out the cast are crime boss Joe Cabot played by David Grybowski, his son Eddie played by Alan Fitzpatrick, Lana Adamuszek in several roles and police officers Sam Rogers, Nick Fagan and Adam Dalby.

A provocative ensemble production with a toe tapping soundtrack has arrived at Holden Street.

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