Porridge – Theatre Bugs

Porridge – Theatre Bugs

Along with kids of all ages, who were quietly in awe and transfixed by the action on the Dunstan Theatre stage, I thoroughly enjoyed “Porridge” today. The book, music and clever lyrics were by Craig Hawes and it was presented by the talented Theatre Bugs.

Ben Francis directed this fabulous show, along with Mim Sarre who was Musical Director and choreography by Jasmin Teurlings, and created the magic on stage. Co-ordinating about 40 talented youth performers of all ages into an animated humourous musical which included many nursery rhyme characters was appreciated by the audience of mostly children and a few adults.

The set design by Ben Francis was colourful, simple and bold. Emily Jaensch’s costumes were clever, especially Marigold the cow (with Abby Hall, Timothy Wilson and Siena Brooks inside) and the Three Bears, along with some amazing props by Matt Houston.

The only oversight was the program, which didn’t have all the people who needed to be credited on it.

The first scene with Detective Jack Spratt, ably played by Jayden Ayling, and Ms Goldie Lox, enthusiastically performed by Tiffany Buchan, reminded me of the opening scene of “The Maltese Falcon” which I saw recently in Adelaide!

All the singers and dancers in the cast were great, so it’s not easy to single out the best performers, however I’d like to especially mention Elliott Purdie as Pip the Paper Bay, Ollie Robinson as Peter Piper and Kenya Styles as Humpty Dumpty – who were all eggsellent! The jokes were thick and fast – both spoken and sounds – were clearly heard, some appreciated more than others!!

And the girl hopping about in her moon boot also needs to be congratulated for her persistence in playing multiple parts!

Well done to all the people who were involved in this production!

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