Peter Pan – Hills Youth Theatre

Peter Pan Poster - HYT

Imagine co-ordinating about 70 kids, acting singing and dancing for 60 minutes of no-stop spirited entertainment? That’s Hills Youth Theatre’s Peter Pan!

On a night of 40 degrees, cricket and Tour Down Under in January, it was refreshing to relax and watch the talented youthful exuberance, ably directed by Hayley Horton and organised by Production Manager Anna Grosser.**

Darci Sullivan commanded the leading part of Peter Pan with panache and a lovely voice, both singing and spoken. Matilda Doherty as Nana the dog gave a very realistic barking performance! James Grosser did a good job of being  Captain Hook and pirate. Sophie Zodrow, as the Indian’s leader, Tiger Lily, gave a good strong performance especially leading the Brave Girl Dance.

Choreographers Di Mason and Zoe Muller made the dancers come alive and everyone seemed to keep co-ordinated and in time with each other. Set design by Karen Sierp and Hayley Horton was simple and effective and I loved how they created the effect for “I’m Flying”!

The harmonies and singing were amazing – thanks to Vocal Director, Sonja Zodrow. Special effects sound and lighting for Tinkerbell was cleverly done. Face painting and costumes were colourful. Too many people to mention by name – the support and back stage crew worked so well that I didn’t see very many Opening Night issues!

As it’s a short season (5 evenings and 3 matinees) that ends on Sunday 20 January, you need to get to Stirling, to go to Neverland, make sure you believe in fairies and enjoy this classic show that runs like clockwork (tick tock!)

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