Peter Pan: A Pantomime – Blackwood Players

Peter Pan: A Pantomime – Blackwood Players

In this lively adaptation of “Peter Pan” as a pantomime, there are some entertaining twists with the inclusion of a Dame and other traditional pantomime elements.  As Peter Pan takes the audience on a whimsical journey to Neverland, be prepared for plenty of laughs, audience interaction, and antics from the Dame.  The classic tale of Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys is transformed into a fun and interactive experience for the audience.

Myles Leon, the Director, guided a substantial cast of 21 members, with the noteworthy inclusion of three individuals making their theatrical debut.  Among them is the youngest, 7-year-old Jack Wohling, whose performance added an extra layer of charm to the production.

Captain Hook and Mr. Darling, portrayed convincingly by Mason Willis, showcased strength in his performances, effectively encouraging boos from the audience as Hook.  Aidan Salmon, in the role of Michael Darling, impressed with his good voice and strong stage presence, while Zachary Baseby, portraying a lovable Peter Pan, engaged well with the audience.  Baseby’s performance showcased a promising voice that, with further training and development, marks him as one to watch in the future.

My young companion was enchanted by the captivating moments when the Lost Boys and the Darling children “flew” through the audience.  Her favourite character, Wendy, played by Jessica Major, delivered the perfect blend of sweetness that resonated with the audience.  The twins, portrayed by Jake Walder and Marcus Catt, brought plain fun to the stage with their brotherly fighting and joking, which was a standout feature.

Dhruva Nagaraj, in the role of Curly, was also a favourite, his humour leaving a lasting impression.  The engagement of the children in the audience throughout the show was a testament to the cast’s ability to hold their attention, no mean feat given the age of the spectators.

The set, while simple, served as a fitting backdrop for the magical tale.  Lighting by Tim Gladdis was effective and helped to tell the story.  Despite some sound and technical issues at the opening performance, the cast persevered, showcasing their resilience and dedication to delivering an enoyable performance.  Additionally, it’s worth noting that the costumes were everything they should be, adding an extra layer of authenticity and visual appeal.

Post-performance, it was a delightful experience to have the cast in the foyer for a meet and greet, creating a memorable opportunity for both children and adults.

Special mention goes to Smee, portrayed by Cherylene O’Brien, whose evident dance skills added flair to the character, making it a memorable aspect of the production.  And, of course, the two traditional pantomime dame characters, Dame Darling, and Lady Starkey, played with a great sense of wit by Mick Young, added an extra layer of amusement to the whole performance.  Overall, the cast’s dedication and the Director’s skill resulted in an enchanting experience for audiences of all ages.

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Terry Mountstephen
Terry Mountstephen
Terry spent her childhood and young adult life in the theatre with the Bunyips. During that time, and since, she has been involved in every aspect of a production including performing, directing, producing and all jobs in between. Terry is also a performing arts teacher. In 2011 Terry was one of the founders of Zest Theatre Group.

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