Reviewed by Sally Putnam

April 2013

One hotel suite, 4 doors, one bed, a drunken stag night and the groom, Rick Mills, in bed with an unknown woman, all set the scene for this farce. Add a bride- Michaela Phillips, the best man – Adrian Heness, his girlfriend – Heather Riley,  a chambermaid – Susie Daniels and the bride’s mother – Chris Galipo and it is easy to anticipate the lies, deceptions, intrigues, opening and shutting of doors that follows.

As a reviewer I find myself in a quandary because although the script did nothing for me and I found the jokes were outdated and flat, the packed audience were obviously enjoying the play and the actors on stage were enjoying themselves. I congratulate the cast and director – Sylvia Bolingbroke, on the choreography of the slapstick denouement which was built up well and nicely executed.

Theresa Dolman‘s comment at the end of her President’s speech is well worth repeating: “Remember the actors only reward is your applause so please give generously.” The audience did reward the enthusiastic company generously and I think as a reviewer of community theatre it is really important to acknowledge this.

Tea Tree Players is a very successful community theatre group and I honestly admire the dedication of actors, directors, technical crew and management committee that produces five plays, a pantomime and two youth productions a year. Tea Tree Players also have an audience whose commitment to attending the productions is the envy of other theatre companies.

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