Pan The Man – Tea Tree Players

Pan The Man – Tea Tree Players

Tea Tree Players Youth and Junior production of Pan The Man is highlighted by the rapport between the two different age groups. The Directors Penny Phillips and Kristyn Barnes have managed to introduce new young people to the group and incorporate them seamlessly into a play that is suitable for young performers. The script by John Mawson and Rob Smith with music by Dean Moore fits the bill perfectly for this group, there are many ‘one-liners’ and subtle gags plus simple songs that allow the cast to present with little trouble. The opening of the story being told to the youngsters sets the scene for the play. It is a little slow but gets the message across.

The excitement starts when Hook played by James Dwyer explodes onto the stage with his enormous voice and presence that goes along with it. He is the leader of the pirates all of whom play an integral role especially the second in command Smee played by Ashlee Brown who bounces off Hook and also sings a solo which gets much applause from the audience.

Tyler Brittan plays the young Pan while Zack Brittan is cast as Pan the Man. Both have a stage presence that gives them the opportunity to show their clear voices and acting prowess. Wendy played by Indianna Rumsby shows her ability with the frustration she shows when unable to get a kiss from Pan.

A scene stealer is the crocodile very ably portrayed by Magnus Phillips who flits across the stage with ease despite his very large tail. A few of the actors perform multiple roles, not the least of which is Erin Hoskins who Plays Jean Darling, Amelia Earhard and a pirate.

The juniors all played their roles as Neverlanders or individuals and a standout is Lalita Toth as Tinkerbell who sings a solo which is quite remarkable for such a young performer. This young group came across as really enjoying their participation but it was a little hard to pick up some of the words that were softly spoken. No doubt this will improve with a year or two and a couple more productions under their belt.

The scene changes were a little long but when revealed it is understandable as they were all exceptional and done silently. The designs by Penny Phillips and the backstage crew on construction and painting are to be congratulated.

The costumes by Jo Allenby and the Monday Club were outstanding with the detail put into each which matched the role of the of the actor. Lighting and sound by Mike Phillips assisted in the overall effect of the play.

The full house audience were in sync with those on stage and continually showed their appreciation. I suspect there were a lot of Mums and Dads plus other family in attendance.

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