OSCAR AND FELIX – Adelaide Repertory Company

OSCAR AND FELIX – Adelaide Repertory Company

Reviewed by Allison Thomas

September 2016

Brian Knott has created a fast paced, slick production of Oscar and Felix; a new look at the Odd Couple. Complete with mobile phones and up to date puns and jokes, I found this 2002 version of Oscar and Felix VERY funny! It was well acted, especially by the 2 male leads. Peter Rossi as Oscar was suitably casual, untidy and carefree and Patrick Gibson played the fussy, house-proud, pedantic Felix well. Their opposing clashes with everything from sex to tidiness gives many opportunities for humour by Neil Simon. I loved Felix’s line “All marriages have an expiration date – hers was before mine!”
Unfortunately on opening night, some of the members of the cast were not loud enough at times and we missed what they said and when the small audience laughed they kept speaking so we missed the next words. I’m sure that will improve as the production goes on.  
The Spanish girls were sexy and entertaining – Megan Langford as Hoolya and Carol Lawton as Ynez, however I found it hard to hear Carol’s words at times. 
Lisa Kennewell’s static set was good, reminiscent of 1960s bachelor pads and the scene changes in semi darkness were cleverly done.
This comedy is thoroughly enjoyable. There were so many funny punch lines and the audience enjoyed them all – too many to remember – you just have to go and see it!
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