ONE SLIGHT HITCH – Galleon Theatre Group

ONE SLIGHT HITCH – Galleon Theatre Group

Reviewed by Janice Bailey

October 2014

Galleon Theatre Group Inc is a wonderful community theatre group who consistently produce shows of excellence. Their current production of Lewis Black’s One Slight Hitch in the Domain Theatre at Marion is no exception. Kym Clayton has assembled a cast of talented actors to bring this Australian premiere to life. The trick in preventing a farce from becoming unbelievable is in creating characters that are larger than life, involved in somewhat ridiculous situations, but still endearing to the audience. Kym’s direction of his cast and their obvious talents definitely achieve this, demonstrating complete understanding of Lewis Black’s writing intentions, so that we as an audience are able to relate to them.

The set is true to a 1980s middle-class suburban household. Judy Rogers is to be commended for her attention to detail in dressing the set, as is Ronda Shepley for her co-ordination of costumes true to the era. The eldest daughter, Courtney, is about to get married and everything is in readiness until Courtney not only has second thoughts but has not one, but two, prospective husbands – both of whom are present – thus causing “One Slight Hitch”.

Overall I felt the cast were flawless but I particularly loved Maxine Coleman as Delia, who became more and more delightful as the effects of the Valium and alcohol took over. Andrew Clark as Doc was also superb as the doting, but clueless, husband and father. Definitely one not to miss. Give yourself a treat and get along to the Domain Theatre to see One Slight Hitch. It’s a hoot! 

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