NUNSENSE – Blackwood Players

NUNSENSE – Blackwood Players

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

May 2016

Director Selena Britz and assistant Ruby Faith have done a fine job resurrecting this 30 year old musical. Brain child of playwright, composer and lyricist Dan Goggin, this gem has stood the test of time. With a few tweaks to update jokes, this fund-raising concert is a blast! There is something about ten nuns in a room that makes you pay attention and you will be glad you did.
Wonderful detailed characterisations keep this production rollicking along at a hilarious pace. Musical director Kristy Williamson and band should be applauded for their skills, as the up-tempo score was delivered with zest.
The Sisters of Hoboken were cast beautifully. Amanda James is hilarious in her portrayal of Sister Mary Regina; each gag delivered with hilarity and timing. Her side kick Sister Mary Hubert played by Sue McMillan is also brilliant, with wonderful vocals, her duet Just a Coupla Sisters is pure fun. Katharine Chase was made to play the role of Sister Robert Anne; her constant battle to be noticed was side-splitting. Her first act number Playing Second Fiddle was a highlight. Karina Black was delightful as Sister Mary Amnesia, her timid portrayal was a good contrast to the other boisterous personalities. Blackwood favourite played dancing nun Sister Mary Leo with aplomb. This fabulous cast were supported by a talented chorus.
Mixing well with the large audience, the nuns were comfortable with their un-rehearsed banter, creating a splendid atmosphere that emanated throughout the hall. This show is a winner!
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