NOISES OFF – Tea Tree Players

NOISES OFF – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Paul Davies

February 2015

Noises Off is really a play for theatre people, and I can understand why TTP would have bent over backwards to put it on. Their audience loved it. –The bloke sat behind me nearly choked (in a good way, if that’s possible) when Amber Platten stepped onto the stage in her undies, and the lady to the right of us was close to a laughter-induced fit during the fast-paced excellent business in Act 2.-I know that you could hear this “But” a mile away, -But I think the compromises made with the set to get it to fit on the TTP stage did take much away from the play. Having said that I realise that the alternative is not to produce and therefore take the opportunity to see a cracking piece away from their audience.

There are some excellent performances here. Georgia Stockham giving us a Python-esque char-woman and John Matsen’s alcoholic ageing thespian were the stand outs for me. They bring lessons in acting as re-acting and comic timing that I’m sure other cast members will pick up from them.

The great thing about TTP productions for me is how well everyone knows each other. This is obviously a tight-knit acting / production company and the trust between the performers benefits the whole show. 

Robert Andrews’ Direction, especially in the fast-paced act two business, is compact, strong and steady. Pace varies from time-to-time as needed, and even the heavily flagged gags are a delight. –Especially to the lady to the right of us!

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