NEVILLE’S ISLAND – Adelaide Repetory

NEVILLE’S ISLAND – Adelaide Repetory

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

Jne 2013

Never has a fight for survival been so hilarious. Four middle aged managers find themselves lost on an island whilst participating in a team bonding exercise. Personalities clash as each character’s patience is tested to breaking point.

Team captain Neville played by Paul Davies tries to keep morale up by refusing to admit the reality of the situation and is continuously defusing arguments with his positive nature. He portrays him with a likeability that is essential for the role.

 Roy brought to life by Peter Smith is battling with his fragile mental state and seems more enamored with a visiting falcon than with the predicament him and his cohorts find themselves in. Trying desperately to hold it together by putting his faith in the Lord above, the underlying reasons for his worries becomes evident in the second act. His performance is his best yet!

The final two to round out the foursome are Gordon and Angus, played respectively by Nigel Tripodi and Thorin Cupit. Their hostile banter makes for a large amount of the laughs throughout the play. Nigel does not miss a beat in his role as antagonist Gordon and Thorin too makes a perfect Angus.

A simple and functioning set painted by Peter Smith works well against the ever changing cyclorama.

Assistant director Libby Drake should be commended for bringing this fantastic comedy to the attention of director Michael Eustice; he has assembled a tight cast and created a visually funny and entertaining night at the theatre.

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