Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

October 2013

If you were lucky enough to be in the audience on opening night then you were witness to Tea Tree Players latest offering of farce. Director Fran Edwards picked an entertaining and lively play that tickled the funny bone.

Set in a rent controlled New York apartment of Sylvia Charles brought to life by experienced Theresa Dolman, the plot centres around her secret thriving business selling lingerie to the elder folk in the community. Throw in a deaf neighbour, a villainous landlord, a lovelorn police officer and a visiting grand-daughter and what ensues is hilarious.

Vera Walters played by Jo Allenby is in danger of stealing the show with her classic one-liners, delivered with such naivety. Sylvia’s grand-daughter is played by Lucy Rawley with just enough sweetness to make her shock at her Nana’s activities authentic. Local law enforcement and Bridget’s love interest Tom Drethen is treading the boards for the first time with TTP and he does a fine job. No role is too small and Rick Mills as Sylvia’s landlord and husband of Clair Schmidt played by Heather Riley, Hayley Mitchell as prospective employee Heather Van Pree and UPS delivery man Mike Phillips round out this capable cast.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the amazing and ingenious set designed my multi-talented Theresa Dolman and constructed by eleven crew. It never gets tired and the surprises linger behind wall hangings, fireplaces and bookcases.

This show is all too brief, but worth every minute of a night out at the theatre.

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