My Three Angels – Independent Theatre

My Three Angels – Independent Theatre

Independent Theatre’s production of My Three Angels developed a different interpretation
than others have done in the past. This wonderful piece of theatre which was
written by Sam & Bella Spewack in 1953 is probably best remembered with a movie
performance including Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov. Their dry
humour was not repeated in this production directed by Rob Croser but rather a
full on, in your face comedy which was delightfully performed and appreciated
by the sell-out audience.

All the action takes place in the living room behind the general store in Cayenne,
French Guiana. French authorities sent convicts to this remote outpost for
serious and not so serious crimes. The set epitomised the typical construction
of the time and place.

The proprietor of the store Felix Duchotel, played by Greg Janzow, was very believable in this role as a naïve but caringperson that was in the position which was not by choice but circumstances. He
was joined by his wife Emilie played by Lyn Wilson who cleverly portrayed the frustrations of trying to help her incompetent husband. Their daughter, Marie-Louise played by Emma Bleby was the love interest in the production and had many memorable moments such as the fainting scene.

The three angels, Joseph played by Leighton Voght, Jules played by Stuart Pearce and
Alfred played by Eddie Sims bounced off each other which allowed them to show
their full acting ability with their interactions and timing. Their performances ensured there was no loss of continuity which continued throughout all three acts.

The villain in the play, Gaston Lemaire, played by David Roach, was able to bring to life
this overbearing business leader who plotted to keep Marie-Louise away from his
nephew and to have the Duchotel family sent back to France penniless.

The under the thumb nephew Paul Cassagnon, played by Henry Bleby Williams, was able to turn
his character around by assuming a loathsome role after the death of his uncle
but this did not last long when he met the same fate as his uncle.

The important cameo roles of Mme Parole Played by Loretta Schar and Lieutenant
Espoir played by Gabe Mangelsdorf added to the overall production as did
Adolphe played by himself but unseen and unheard his poisonous role resolved a
lot of problems.

The sound and lighting effects by Adam Hawes were very relative and timely. All of the
backstage crew contributed to this very successful interpretation of this
legendary play. Rob Croser has proved once again his ability to create community
theatre productions to a very high standard.

My Three Angels
Independent Theatre
Goodwood Institute
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