Murder At The Manor – Top of the Torrens

Murder At The Manor – Top of the Torrens

As always the welcome at Mt Pleasant was like coming home.  Everyone is treated like long lost family and Opening Night was no exception.  This piece of comedy was written by Kate Farrer who also played the role of Rosetta Stone.  It was ably directed by Steve Farrer and in his own words “with constant hints from the Playwright”.

The story centres around an old Australian homestead called The Manor and the cooky but strangely lovable old dear that lives there – Sally Forth who was wonderfully played by Yvette Schafer.  Sally is beset upon by her well-meaning cousins (or are they?) to help raise money to bring the homestead back to it’s former glory (or will they?) by holding Murder Mystery Weekends.

Characters are very tongue in cheek given they have names like Dawn Breaks-Again (Meralyn Shcaffer), Alan Again (Rob Lucas), Caffy Latte (Glynnis Burrows), Goldy Syrup (Gwendolyn Van Zwol), Mabel Syrup (Jessica Holder), Belle Vedere (Tracey Holder), Daisy Chain (Jocelyn Helbers), Scott Free (Colin Holder), Crystal Ball (Sue Hill), Janet Mable (Rebecca Holder), Hercules Parrot (William Melbourne), Ghost x 3 (Emma Waddington, Charlotte Martin and Micah Jackson) and by now you will have a good idea of the comedy and puns you are in for throughout the night.  Without giving too much away the show was very “spirited” and did not end until the “old lady sang”.

Sadly a long time supporter of the company had passed away that morning but in the age old tradition of theatre – “The Show Must Go On” and it certainly did.  Well done to TOTT for being creative and allowing community theatre to thrive and on behalf of all TASA Members our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

Murder at the Manor
Top of the Torrens Theatre Group
Mount Pleasant Soldier’s Memorial Hall
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Jacqui Wall
Jacqui Wall
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