Monty Python’s SPAMALOT – Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Monty Python’s SPAMALOT – Marie Clark Musical Theatre

Marie Clark Musical Theatre’s latest production of Spamalot is a melange of much loved Monty Python skits, musical comedy, pantomime, slapstick and all round extreme silliness culminating in a successful Grail quest, a same sex marriage and a royal wedding.  Who could ask for anything more?

Brian Godfrey’s direction was enhanced by a very talented and energetic cast and ensemble.  All lead actors were in good voice and had their individual moments to shine.  Michael Butler regally led the troupe with panache as King Arthur.  Ben Todd as constant sidekick and coconut shell virtuoso Patsy was a lovely comic performance. The Lady of the Lake the stunning Casmira Hambledon sounded wonderful and her solo Whatever happened to my part? was a show stopper.  The motley assortment of knights was hilarious and produced some nifty footwork and some fine solos. They were also responsible for so many role changes it seemed there were dozens of extra characters.  Highlights for me were Chris Bierton as Dennis Galahad’s mother – pure Monty Python; Sebastian Cooper’s Sir Galahad in his duet with the Lady of the Lake; Jamie Wright’s French Taunter and Knight of Ni; and Buddy Dawson’s Sir Robin being stalked by Damien Quick’s Minstrel.

The excellent set design, lighting, props and costumes added their own comedic value.  I did not expect the Spanish Inquisition but they were there, hidden away as Ben Stefanoff’s band – not seen but still heard.  Perhaps a little loudly at the start during the Historian’s introduction but that was the only hitch to a great night out.

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