MONSTROUS REGIMENT -Unseen Theatre Company

MONSTROUS REGIMENT -Unseen Theatre Company

Reviewed by Jack Curtiss

October 2010

I have often remarked that I consider the output of Sir Terry Pratchett something of an acquired taste. After seeing no less than seven of the TP canon as presented by Unseen Theatre at the Bakehouse, I stand by my original comment. As a Yank, I’d never heard of Pratchett or his books prior to setting foot in Australia but I am told that had I read any of his volumes I would have a much fuller appreciation for the wit and flair of the Discworld universe. That said, I do find the Pratchett works as adapted and presented by the Unseen troupe to be generally good if bewildering fun and always worth a look.
The Monstrous Regiment was no different with its odd mixture of trolls, soldiers and vampires with a touch of Shakespearean cross-dressing and gender confusion this time around. Amusing as always even if I personally don’t quite grasp the concept.

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