MIRROR IMAGE – Hills Youth Theatre

MIRROR IMAGE – Hills Youth Theatre

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

August 2014

Fantasy and Reality are the themes in Hills Youth Theatre’s latest production of Mirror Image. Director Judy Sampson has assembled a large cast of senior students to bring this fairy tale of sorts to life and explore what it means to be in control of your own destiny.

Musical theatre is challenging because many things have to work simultaneously for the show to run smoothly, unfortunately despite best efforts the show falls flat at times due to technical glitches and overall lack of pace. The opening number performed by the entire storybook cast does not reach its full potential as microphones were either too loud or not working at all. It was disappointing as cast were animated and full of energy throughout.

Costumes were sourced by the cast and they have done well to capture the many characters included in this tale. Set pieces were highlighted by projections on the back wall, these graphics were chosen well. 

The story is delightful and some characterisations were better than others with Mitchell McFarlane as the Woodsman, Zanny Edhouse as Little Red and the wicked step-sisters played respectively by Ella Heywood-Smith and Carina Crowhurst showing excellent comic timing. For the most part the ensemble used the space well. Choreography by Rebecca Plummer and Madeline Shields was simple but effective.

Although this genre is predictable at times, act two provided an unexpected highlight. Eloise Lesue along with McFarlane sang a beautiful version of the song You Saved Me that left this reviewer with goose bumps.

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