MAYHEM – Venture Theatre

MAYHEM – Venture Theatre

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren

August 2012

It has been said many times that Venture is truly a Community Theatre.  Their latest production Mayhem is written and directed by local playwright, Valerie Lane, assisted by Jermaine Toetu.  All the cast are young local actors with very little experience.

A newly qualified lawyer, Kirby, has come home to visit her mother and to introduce her boyfriend, D’Arcy, who is totally obnoxious.  Her mother, May, has commenced a mysterious business with her next door neighbour, Vi,  and the welcome home is somewhat marred by strane people coming in and out of the house.

Christie Molloy, as Kirby played her part well.  Kyle Hopgood, as D’Arcy was suitably obnoxious to the point where it beggared belief that Kirby would want to be with him.  Kim Stewart as May looked the part and initially played for laughs but improved during the Second Act.  Laura Hall who played Vi, was believable.  Luke Wagner as Ty, Roger Crowder as Lynton, Lucy Marshallsay as Tanzie and Adriana Allman as Candy were the characters who confused the audience and certainly baffled the daughter, popping in and sleeping over.

The cast is to be commended on their fast pickup of cues and energetic prat falls.  The action of the play was amusing and the audience loved it.  The set looked impressive,  and worked well with the actors.  The blocking was good considering the number of actors on stage at any one time.  All in all, it was great fun.  Well done Venture.

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