LUCK THE MUSICAL – Top of the Torrens

LUCK THE MUSICAL – Top of the Torrens

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

November 2013

There is a lesson to be learnt in Top of the Torrens theatre groups latest production of Luck the Musical. Director David Evans has assembled an enthusiastic cast to breathe life into the story of good versus evil, or in this case good luck versus bad luck.

The fractured tale begins with a bet to see who is more powerful. Mazel (Good Luck) played convincingly by Kate Farrer takes a hapless young man Tam under her wing bestowing on him all her good fortune only to have Shlimazeli (Bad Luck) try to undo all her good deeds after a year. The contrast between these characters was obvious and it needed to be for the story to be believable. Sharryn Yelland as Shlimazeli had a strong voice that made up for what appeared to be a lack of energy at times.

Younger cast members Liam Harding and Amelia Noel were delightful as the in-love duo Tam and the Princess. Amelia performed with confidence and her musical number ‘Goodbye’ in Act two was a highlight.  

Josh Lamborn as Kamstan was excellent, he moved effortlessly across the stage and sang with confidence. Other standouts were The King and Grillida, played respectively by Mal Taylor and Lea Rebane and the ensemble who made good use of the space. Jenny Spellacy did a fine job fitting the cast with a colourful array of costumes.

Musical director Paul Sinkinson should take a bow for his fine soundtrack and multiple sound effects, for without his efforts the show would have fallen flat.

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