LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS -Northern Light Theatre Company

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS -Northern Light Theatre Company

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

April 2013

With an appealing blend off oddball humour, horror and romance, director Ceri Horner has put together an energetic cast to bring this delightful, although at times macabre story, to life.

The action unfolds in downtown Skid Row at the local florist shop owned by elderly Mr Mushnik played by Brian Godfrey; his less than adequate Jewish-American accent made him hard to understand and key comic lines were therefore lost.

Flower shop assistant, David MacGillivray fared better as jittery nerd Seymour, capturing the right amount of  anxiety and neurosis to capture our hearts; with a Broadway voice to boot. His discovery of an unknown plant specimen he has named Audrey II transports him from an unknown wallflower to an overnight sensation, but more importantly captures the attention of abuse victim Audrey, a fellow employee. With every drop of blood Seymour’s hybrid becomes bigger and vocal. Rohan Watts lends his voice to the diabolical plant and what a voice it is!

Amy Hutchinson as delicate flower Audrey delivers a powerhouse performance, whilst still capturing a vulnerability needed to make the role authentic. David Salter is perfectly cast as sinister dentist and abusive boyfriend Orin Scrivello. The hilarious ensemble led by singing trio Michelle Pearson, Lisa Simonetti and Michelle Davy help you navigate the action with their harmonious ditties.

John Sheehan and helpers have provided the cast with a spacious set, with colour provided by flamboyant costumes designed by Ann Humphries.

For those interested in a musical with a twist, this show is well worth a look.

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