LET US ENTERTAIN YOU 2 – Noarlunga Theatre Company

LET US ENTERTAIN YOU 2 – Noarlunga Theatre Company

Reviewed by Richard Lane

May 2014

In 2009 Let Us Entertain You was arranged and directed by Sue Oldknow, doyenne of
community theatre in the South. Following that production, Sue used the same formula to
produce a high quality, fast paced revue in Noarlunga Theatre Company’s current offering,
Let Us Entertain You 2.

Like its original, this production is a revue of popular songs, incorporating sketches (also
written by Sue) which poke fun at T.V. shows, movies , performers , artists and entertainers
over many years from the days of black and white movies to the present day.
Each sketch segues into a song which the audience of course recognises, and of course
cannot resist singing and tapping along.

The staging is remarkably simple. A bare sound stage , coloured lights and a rock band
recorded by Mark Hallam, and then let the talented performers strut their stuff which they
do in spades.

One of the keys to the success of this marvelous night is Sue Oldknow’s clever deployment
of a vocal backing ensemble, often changing but led by the powerful presence and voice
of Julie Oldknow. They drove the numbers along vigorously with their vocal skills and
harmonies. Another major key to the show’s success was the energy of the performers
who worked so hard to produce a non-stop, continuous action, all -singing and dancing

Cherylene O’Brien’s choreography was a key feature, as was her presence as a dancer. As
only one of two males in the show, Alex Ling shone in his many roles.
No critic, including this one, could resist the Village People in the finale!

Sue Oldknow and the entire company must take great credit for this happy entertainment.
They set out to entertain us. And they did!

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