LET THE SUNSHINE – Galleon Theatre Group

LET THE SUNSHINE – Galleon Theatre Group

Reviewed by Janice Bailey

May 2017

Director Vicky Horwood has assembled a very capable cast for the current production of Williamson’s Let the Sunshine. This play lacks the biting satire of Williamson’s earlier plays – The Club, Don’s Party – but the domestic/social comedy genre of his later plays keeps Let the Sunshine entertaining, due to Williamson’s acute observation of human behaviour. Horwood displays an understanding of the nuances and the need to maintain some restraint and has directed the talented cast well.
Toby is a playwright/documentary film-maker who has fled to Noosa with his wife, Ros, ostensibly to escape the Sydney ‘rat-race’ – but we soon find out that the Sydney ‘Right Wing media’ has not reacted favourably to his last documentary. Kym Clayton brings Toby to life, delivering a solid performance. Deborah Walsh, makes the somewhat ‘bland’ Ros a likeable and sympathetic character. Andrew Horwood delivers another memorable performance as Ron, a property developer in Noosa, who with wife Natasha, played impeccably by Anita Canala, present as pretentious bores. Ros and Natasha were tenuous school ‘mates’ and reignite an uneasy friendship of convenience. Add to the mix Toby and Ros’s son, Rick, a struggling musician with few prospects and Ron and Natasha’s daughter, Emma, a high achieving and ambitious lawyer, who start an unlikely relationship which bring the two families together with unexpected developments. Hal Bruce is believable as Rick, delivering a very good performance, while Charlotte Batty is excellent as the feisty Emma. 
Galleon’s production is, as usual, presented with attention to detail with a minimal set produced and designed by Kym Clayton. As with many of Williamson’s plays the scenes are short and there are many, requiring clever set changes and use of quick lighting changes, well executed by Scott Battersby and Luke Budgen.
This production again highlights the teamwork and dedication which goes into a Galleon Production, giving them the well-deserved reputation of excellence which they have earned.
Reheasal Photo of Andrew Horwood, Anita Canala and Charlotte Batty
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