Les Miserables -The Northern Light Theatre Company

Les Miserables -The Northern Light Theatre Company

It is unlikely that you have not heard of or seen a production of Les Miserables but just in case, it is a story of a prisoner that makes good, a love story and a French revolution. Adapted by Schonberg and Boubil from a Victor Hugo novel with English lyrics by Herbert Kretzner.

To put all this together and stage a play that went for three hours with the audience fully engrossed was nothing short of amazing. Praise must be given to the entire production company, The Northern Light Theatre Company, including front of house, backstage and the production team for a truly memorable performance.

The Director Gordon Combes has woven his magic on a cast that could not be faulted and was supported by the orchestra led by the Musical Director Mathew Rumley. Combes was also involved with set, costume and lighting design.

The opening scene of prisoners showed off some mini solos that was a precursor of what was to follow.

Kate Hodges as Fantine gave a spine tingling rendition of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’

The lead role of Jean Valjean played by Mark Oates was able to mesmerise the audience singing solos and duets with a voice that never faltered through the entire play.

David MacGillvray played the obnoxious Javert and his duet with Jean Valjean was memorable as was his solo.

Needless to say the entire cast had magnificent voices not the least of which were Nicholas Mundy as Marius, Tasmin McGill as Cosette and Billy St John as Enjolras.

Megan Humphries as Mme Thenardier showed not only her voice but her prowess at acting when verbally scolding Young Cosette played by Eloise Harrington. M Thenardier played by James McClusky-Garcia was able to bring some humour into his role particularly when gate crashing the wedding scene.

Liliana Carletti as Eponine made the dying scene with Marius her own with some audience tears observable.

The Young Cosette played by Eloise Harrington, the Young Eponine  played by Phoebe Clark and Gavroche played by Harrison Thomas helped to ensure the future of musicals with their faultless performances. We look forward to seeing more of them in future productions.

The musical numbers by the entire cast at the end of act one and the finale made hairs stand on end.

The costumes construction by Ann Humphries was true to period and the dressers were worked overtime with the costume changes.

The sets worked and changed seamlessly and were made to look simple however no doubt there was a lot of thought that went into them and the construction team led by John Sheen deserve a lot of praise.

The lighting operator Chris Golding along with the spot operators were spot on and added significantly to the overall production.

It would be remiss not to mention the work put in by Sue Pole the Choreographer and Charissa McCluskey-Garcia the Assistant Director.

The audio by Allpro Audio ensured the audience could hear clearly and understand every word.

Without doubt this production was memorable. If you can get a ticket I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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