KEY FOR TWO – Tea Tree Players

KEY FOR TWO – Tea Tree Players

Reviewed by Paul Davies

August 2015

You know what you’re in for when you make the trip to TTP and you’ve gotta love ‘em for it.
Reading their president’s message the company motto might be “Life’s too short for Kafka.” And it’s a worthy sentiment. If you’re going out it might as well be for a giggle.
Playwrights’ Chapman and Freeman are individually lauded for farce, but in collaboration they don’t miss a trick –even if the plot does take a while to get going. Every misunderstanding every missed opportunity, every closed or opened door, and of course every chance to get the kit off!
Don Stuart directs with pace and lets the writers do most of the work, which is a great way to approach this type of piece, he also seems to trust his actors, even those with less experience, and that pays off. The set is imaginative and works brilliantly too.
Stacy Webb steals most of this show with a truthful, confident, likeable performance. She’s Hattie Jacques-esque (if that can be a thing?) Theresa Dolman is (of course) solid and reliable and never misses a gag or an innuendo. Samuel Creighton’s drunk zombie was actually funnier the more it went on, and Michelle Hutchinson elicited comments of “Mrs Bucket.” From the ladies in front of me, which I know is exactly what she wanted.
Tim Taylor, Leighton Vogt, and Nicole Efthymiou join in the fun with gusto.
That motto translates by-the-way to “Vita nimis brevis Kafka” (I Google’d it!)
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