John Martin Presents: Noel Coward, Remembering The Master

John Martin Presents: Noel Coward, Remembering The Master

In conjunction with the Adelaide Fringe the Arts Theatre under the banner of the GRAND CENTRAL have brought together an eclectic group of artists not the least of which is the extremely talented John Martin.

His portrayal of the story of Noel Coward from birth and all the things throughout his life time was told with commentary, song and musical adeptness. From his opening song you could have imagined it was actually Noel Coward himself on stage. John reminded us with anecdotes just how prolific Noel Coward was with his writings, performances and no-nonsense attitude to his art forms. There was no stone left unturned on all aspects of the remarkable life of Noel Coward.

The whole performance was enhanced by John’s masterful performance on the keyboard. This alone was worth the admission and although there was not a reprise of many of the musical masterpieces, I could have enjoyed three or four minutes of just listening to this virtuoso bringing the piano alive. The inflection and diction of John’s voice left no doubt as to his highly honed ability in all things musical and presentation aptness.

The Arts Theatre has very good acoustics which allowed every word to be clearly heard and understood. There was not a large audience however and if John could be encouraged to return, to a smaller venue would make the show more intimate.

It is a pity that this was a sole performance as I would have highly recommended this performance to all theatre lovers so you will just have to watch out for any of John’s future performances wherever they may be.

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