IT’S JUST SEX – Adelaide Repertory Company

IT’S JUST SEX – Adelaide Repertory Company

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

June 2015

Kudos to The Rep for making a bold choice with their latest production. Director Erik Strauts has assembled a good cast to breathe life into this naughty tale about lust, marriage and boundaries. 

Three married couples have gathered for a dinner party at the home of Phil and Joan, played respectively by James Whitrow and Bronwyn Ruciak. The evening begins with an air of tension as Joan has recently discovered Phil’s infidelity. As we are introduced to the other couples it is clear that all are struggling with their roles in their respective marriages. Sharon Pitardi plays Lisa a domineering career woman, who is frustrated by her husband’s inadequacies, her portrayal is both strong and believable. Her husband Greg played by Luke Budgen is neurotic in his delivery and it works well against Pitardis cold demeanour. Carl played by Jonathon Johnston and Tess O’Flaherty as his wife Kelly are a very tactile couple and make for an entertaining duo. 

Joan fuelled by anger and a little too much alcohol steers the evening to uncharted territory as the topics of sex, infidelity and trust are discussed. The script makes for many funny moments, but the comedy gives way to some heart-warming interludes. 

For the most part the show works, but small issues with pace and inconsistent accents were distracting at times. Unfortunately the play does portray males as the victims and suggest that not being intimate with your partner, gives them the right to be unfaithful. Full of energy, this show is not for the faint-hearted.

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