INHERITANCE – Stirling Players

INHERITANCE – Stirling Players

Reviewed by Janice Bailey

February 2014

The Stirling Players live up to their well-earned reputation of staging great Australian plays with their first production of 2014, Inheritance, by Australian playwright Hannie Rayson. The theme is modern and addresses the dilemma of many Australian farmers who have battled climate, pestilence and natural disasters for generations. Who will take over the farms when their children don’t want to take up the battle? 

We are witnesses to the events which unfold through the struggles of the Hamilton and Delaney families as the family ‘skeletons’ are disclosed. Director, Geoff Brittain, has assembled a strong ensemble cast. Every character is brought to life with strong direction and clear understanding of their character by all cast members. Peter Kentish is outstanding in his portrayal of Farley Hamilton. Special mention should also go to Julie Quick as Dibs Hamilton, Deborah Walsh as Maureen Delaney and twins Jasmin and Zoe Muller for their convincing portrayals.

The set is minimal but effective and  the clever use of projection throughout the play brings the stage to life. Full marks to all concerned with this excellent production of a modern, well-constructed Australian play on a relevant theme. Don’t miss the opportunity to support the Stirling Players and enjoy a ‘bloody good night’ of great Australian theatre. The season runs until 8 March.

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