IGNITE – Promise

IGNITE – Promise

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

October 2027

Siblings Georgie and Jack Raft are a powerhouse of talent. In their first cabaret show they displayed a flair for performing as they charmed the audience with covers and original compositions. 
Backed by a talented band comprising of electric drums, piano and guitar; the accomplished duo sang songs from the musicals Godspell, Ghost and Beauty and the Beast. Mixed with covers by artists such as Birdy and Coldplay, they took us on a journey through their repertoire.
Highlights came with self-penned songs by Georgie; ‘Standing in my Shadow’, ‘Please come Back’ and ‘Where am I Going’, left the audience spellbound. Accompanied by professional videoclips on the cyclorama; it is clear this young woman means business. Such talent for a thirteen-year-old girl, who clearly has a big future in song-writing.
Some covers were more successful than others; ‘With You’ sang by Georgie was poignant and showed the depth of this performer. Jack did a fine job in his rendition of ‘Evermore’ and guest performer Rory Adams displayed his singer/songwriter chops with ‘The City’.
I would have liked to see Georgie and Jack use hand-held microphones, as the headsets used left their hands awkwardly free. Some nerves were evident on the performance I attended, but given their tender ages, I feel this will work its way out in time. 
Overall it was an evening filled with raw talent. If you would like to follow these stars in the making, their clips can be found on Facebook and You Tube.
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