IF / THEN – Segue Productions

IF / THEN – Segue Productions

Segue Productions have risen to the challenge of a relatively new (Broadway 2014) musical dealing with contemporary issues … and they have succeeded in presenting an energetic, entertaining and thought provoking production.

If/Then has a complex dual story line that keeps the audience engaged and occasionally a little confused (that might be inherent in the script itself and not this particular production).  The If/Then synopsis was very helpful!

Kristin Stefanoff as the central character Elizabeth is outstanding in a very demanding role.  Michael Butler is wonderful as Josh and so was Kelsey McCormack as the vivacious Kate.  Anthony Vawser was so believably “New York” as Lucas.  All four leads commanded the audience’s attention whenever they appeared.

They had a strong supporting cast in Alicia Hage (Anne), Matt Redmond (Stephen), Gus Robson (David) and Ashleigh Robson (Elena) and a hardworking ten person ensemble that generated the bustling feel of the big city.

Musical Director Ben Stefanoff and the unseen “Long Island Iced Tea Band” were excellent.  My personal music and dramatic highlights were It’s a Sign, You Never Know, What the F— *, No More Wasted Time and You Learn to Live Without.

Congratulations to Vanessa Redmond on her directorial debut and to choreographer Rebekah Stonelaitken. This production flowed well and the many scene changes were accomplished through a relatively simple stage set and well choreographed stage hands.

If/Then is an enjoyable musical experience that takes you through an emotional roller coaster with some unexpected twists.  Just see it.

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