Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

December 2012

SALOS and director Pam Tucker have captured the Christmas spirit beautifully with their latest offering of Humbug! Based on Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, the story, narrated convincingly by David Roberts follows the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge; brought to life by veteran actor Robert Kimber. Robert was the perfect choice to play Scrooge; a man who learns the error of his ways with the help of the ghost of his dead partner Marley portrayed by Jeff Patrick. Through the course of an evening the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future confront Scrooge with the consequences of his abhorrent behaviour; when faced with his imminent lonely death he amends his ways to rain joy on the town folk with his newly found kindness.

Musical director Tammy Papps has assembled a small band of musicians to set the mood and accompany the talented ensemble. There are many highlights musically with notable performances by Greg Paterson and Dione Baker as Scrooge’s nephew and wife and Stephanie Wood and Trevor Flemming with their delightful rendition of  Morning Joe, I hope you’re well. The large cast move well across a sparse well lit stage, with colour and textures provided by costumes of the era by Cyndey Trezise, Christine Southby and Pam. As author Fraser Charlton said so well ‘ Dickens, carols, Gilbert and Sullivan – the perfect ingredients for a Christmas show’.

The fun continued into the second half of the evening with a Variety show. Bringing to life old favourites to cater for every generation; the cast  adorned with sparkles and tinsel aplenty sang and danced, with many skits thrown in to tickle the funny bone.

Congratulations SALOS! The Christmas season is in full swing at the Tower Arts Centre

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