Home, I’m Darling – Therry Theatre

Home, I’m Darling – Therry Theatre

Alicia Zorkovic gives a remarkable performance as a housewife determined to live a life as it was in the 50’s in Therry Society’s nostalgic comedy “Home I’m Darling”.

Ms Zorkovic is never off stage in the 12 scenes that detail a husband and wife’s attempts to debate the merits or otherwise of their extraordinarily chosen lifestyle.

Very incisive writing towards the end brings the play sharply into focus in to-day’s world, so that I cannot understand how the work slipped through State Theatre’s fingers.

Not only did it win London’s prestigious Olivier award for Best New Play and UK Theatre’s Best New Play for 2018-9, but the London run featured Katherine Parkinson, so good as the secretary in TV’s “Doc Martin” series.

Having bought the script as soon as it opened and now read it three times, I’m of the opinion that the work which consists of so many one-liners must have been a nightmare to learn.

However, Ms Zorkovic stars with aplomb as she tends to her husband’s every move.

Steven Bills also deserves much praise as her husband, as do Jessica Carrie, Lani Gerbi, Adam Schultz and Deborah Walsh as regular visitors.

However, a mind-boggling set, designed by Gary Anderson and constructed by Don Oswald’s construction crew adds enormously, with the minutest detail even featuring 50’s ducks on the wall!

Jo Pankhurst’s stage management, Ray Trowbridge’s sound design of the songs we all remember from the 50’s, and which the audience joined in singing, plus Richard Parkhill’s lighting, and Pam O’Grady’s choreography contribute significantly.

However, the highest praise goes to Director Jude Hines for a faultless production that you must see this coming week.

Very highly recommended.

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