HELLO DOLLY! – The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

HELLO DOLLY! – The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company

Reviewed by Richard Lane

October 2010

The Met's production of Hello Dolly! Is  a splendiferous spectacle, filled with gorgeous costumes, polished singing,  brilliant choreography, lavish settings and some very fine acting.
Director Hermonn has brought together a  show which should please almost everyone.

The well known plot concerns matchmaker  Dolly Levi who travels to Yonkers to try to discover a match  to marry the stingy  locally- famous  Horace Vandergelder. His two employees Cornelius Hack and Barnaby Tucker  go with Dolly and it is not long before we realise that she has set her cap at Vandergelder herself.
As Dolly Levi, Trish Spence is at the top of her form and this is never seen better than in the title number where her beautiful powerful voice soars above the rest. Playing opposite  Spence as Vandergelder, Greg  Hart seems slightly below par but Scott Reynolds (Cornelius Hackl) and Matt Doyle(Barnaby Tucker) work beautifully together. Their number Put On Your Sunday Clothes is a gem. Reynolds is  outstanding and so too is Gemma Freeman  who plays the role of Minnie Fay with charm and  appeal. Freeman is a star in the ascendant.

Hello Dolly Cast

The sets designed by Hermonn are lush and they all work beautifully in this production.
So too do the costumes by Hermonn (again) and Leonie Osborne, particularly  those worn by Dolly.
The  dancers are beautifully rehearsed  and the whole ensemble  work   precisely to Carmel Vistoli's innovative choreography.

Musical director Ben Stefanoff had the chorus  singing strongly and their diction was excellent but   even the tin ear of this critic could hear some discordant notes from his orchestra  which quite frankly let him down.
There were some shadowy lighting  spots  on stage here and there on opening night and a few dull areas  in the Harmonia Gardens scene.
This is a mammoth production too large to include every aspect but it can safely be said that this production of Hello Dolly!  Is a show for the whole family to enjoy great music theatre.
It is noteworthy to conclude that  members of Ian Rigney's 1985 production of Hello Dolly!, came from all over Australia to celebrate  together the 25th anniversary of this latest version.

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