Heathers The Musical – Zest Theatre Group

Heathers The Musical – Zest Theatre Group

Dear diary. This fun disturbing entertaining musical is a lot more about Veronica than the three Heathers in the title!

Zest Theatre Group’s high energy performance of “Heathers the Musical” is worth travelling to Victor Harbour Town Hall to see.

Lily-Mae Van Rhoda was very entertaining as Veronica – her stage presence and acting were excellent, and she has a lovely voice, unequalled, until Ava-Rose Askew as Martha Dunnstock steals the show in Act II ! The Veronica/Martha duet was superb with beautiful soaring harmonies.

Harrison Golledge acted well as JD, although he was vocally challenged by the role. He was effective at playing the dark violent influence on naïve virginal Veronica.

Isobel Pitt as Heather Chandler (red Heather) gives a good performance but seemed to be more relaxed in her “after life”. Another strong performer was Matilda Boysen as bouncy, cocky and confident (green) Heather Duke.

Unfortunately, on Saturday night, technical hitches meant that often we couldn’t hear the words of the songs as the background music was too loud or the microphones cut out.

A highlight of this show is the song and dance routine by the dads of students Ram and Kurt, at their sons’ funeral. Chris Stevenson in suspenders and sequins is especially striking with his ZZ top style beard. Very entertaining!

“Heathers the Musical” is a black comedy musical with themes of bullying, homophobia, teenage depression and suicide and is boldly confronting; and just as relevant today as in the 1980s when the film that the musical is based on was released.

The soundtrack is excellent and comes full circle with “Beautiful” and “Seventeen” at the beginning and end. It was great to see lots of teenagers singing, dancing and acting together, a tribute to the teamwork of Directors

Terry Mountstephen and Peta Bowey and Natalie Stevenson’s Choreography.

The set design and construction was simple but effective.

Make the trip to Victor Harbour on 7 8 or 9 February to appreciate this enjoyable show!

Heathers The Musical
Zest Theatre Group Inc.
Victor Harbor Town Hall
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