Hairspray JR. – Adelaide Youth Theatre

Hairspray JR. – Adelaide Youth Theatre

This rendition of HAIRSPRAY JR. is based on the New Line Cinema film written by John

The set design with the horizontally split stage was excellent and was backed up admirably by the projection design by Michelle and Sam Davy. The sound by Jamie Mensforth and the
lighting by Mark Oakley completed a production team that added significantly to the overall production.

The show had a joint cast with seven of the lead characters alternating at each performance.
The cast I saw were talented and well-rehearsed.

Erin Sowerby as Tracey opened the show with a lively and animated song and dance which set the tone and continued for the entire show. Her consistency of performance had the audience laughing and clapping at her portrayal of the girl who was not quite accepted
in the beginning but overcame all obstacles to finally becoming the star of a TV show.

Deon Martino-Williams as Link, Gemma Dandie as Penny, Lauren Pullan as Amber
and Chloe Seabrook as Velma all showed their undeniable talent as song and dance performers and it is a shame that with such a short season we will not see them again but we will wait with baited breath to see their names appearing in future shows.

Mathew Monti as Corny, the star of his own TV show, was so convincing it would not surprise if this is his calling in life. His solos showed the depth in his voice.

Liam Tomlin as Edna was a scene stealer who had the audience in the palm of his hand. The
final scenes where he had a slight costume failure did not fuss him at all but his reaction added to his performance.

All the other thirty odd performers did not put a foot wrong and the energy that they created on stage was infectious.  They provided excellent support to the splendid leads.

The Musical Director Serena Martino-Williams, along with the Choreographer Thomas Phillips,
brought out the best from their young cast. There is no doubt that the future of the  performing arts in South Australia is in good hands with the performers and production crew of this calibre. I look forward to their next production.

Hairspray Jr.
Adelaide Youth Theatre
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