Good Grief – Therry Theatre

Good Grief – Therry Theatre

Good Grief review.

“Good Grief”, Therry Society’s final production for the year consists of 18 scenes in a woman’s life that tosses and turns as events unfold.

Sue Wylie, never off stage, adopts her newspaper editor late husband’s advice to keep a diary, as therapy to help her overcome her grief.

However, a scatter-brained daughter, and a liaison with a man wearing one of her husband’s suits that he bought at Oxfam prove far from satisfactory with their help.

Thus, she learns there is much more to life than she ever imagined with scandals, family complications, and right at the end, a huge shock that left the audience gasping on opening night.

Ms Wylie’s remarkable performance, complete with fine Yorkshire accent does full justice to a beautifully written script that knits together well… “stoking the fire of remembrance”!

In particular, her carefully measured delivery, where you catch her every word, especially in speeches directly to the audience, are a lesson for every young actor.

Undoubtedly, this is the crowning moment in her so far glittering stage career. Congratulations!

Peter Davies, also brings his long experience to “The Suit” as his character becomes known, capably conveying his role’s emerging shiftiness.

Monika Lapka and Tom Tassone admirably complete the cast in this outstanding production, capably directed by Angela Short, complete with Gilian Cordell and Sandy Faithfull’s many excellent costume designs, and Heather Jones’s noteworthy stage management.

This is another of the year’s finest productions that provides much food for thought afterwards.

Don’t delay. Just go! Arts Theatre, Angas Street.

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