GOD OF CARNAGE- Stirling Players

GOD OF CARNAGE- Stirling Players

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

Feb 2013

Director Hayley Horton has assembled a stellar cast to bring award winning author Yasmina Reza‘s ‘God of Carnage’ to life.

Set in a child-like like living room resembling something from an Ikea catalogue; the set provides a backdrop for two sets of parents  who begin a civilised discussion about their sons altercation at a local park. Add a dash of ego and what develops is a display of expectation and exaggeration of events that culminates in both couples revealing their true identities.

Veronica (Ronnie) played by Rachel Burfield gives a strong performance underlying her frustration with not only the situation, but her own life in the process. Tim Williams brings an intensity to his delivery of Veronica’s husband Michael, who whilst trying to defuse what becomes a heated discussion, admits defeat and takes solace in a 10 year bottle of rum, which he promptly shares around. Annette and Alan, played by Petra Schulenburg and Paul Talbot shone as a Lawyer and his unhappy wife. The tension escalating at every turn.

The chemistry between all of the characters makes their performances believable, which was important for the audience to empathise with their individual struggles. Their bravery was commendable.

This production is tightly directed and fast paced. adding a fury to the action unfolding. One never knows where alliances are and you find yourself questioning how you would feel and react in a similar situation.

Nothing is as it seems in this outstanding start to the year for  the Stirling Players.

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