GLORIOUS! – Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

GLORIOUS! – Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

Thursday 8 February 2017

Reviewed By: Lesley Grady


Highly recommended


The Therry Dramatic Society’s Glorious! is delightful.  Under the direction of Geoff Brittain, the six person cast brings the life and times of the non talented Miss Florence Foster Jenkins to the Arts Theatre. 

Sue Wylie (Florence Foster Jenkins), Jock Dunbar (Cosme McMoon), Stuart Pearce (St Clair Bayfield), Jenny Penny (Dorothy), Laura Antoniazzi (Maria), and Julia Whittle (Mrs Verrinder-Gedge) were consistently excellent throughout the performance.  Each one flaunted the eccentricities of their character and appeared to enjoy them as much as the audience.

The performance was greatly enhanced by its technical aspects – set design, lighting, sound, audio visual and projections.  Congratulations to Ole Wiebkin, Richard Parkhill, Jade Andriani andRay Cullen for their creative contributions and Patsy Thomas for stage management. The set changes received their own applause. I particularly loved the lift, and the glimpse through the gold curtain into the Ritz-Carlton Hotel ballroom while Florence and St Clair danced on stage under the mirror ball.

Sue Wyliewas magnificent as Florence and her singing has to be heard to be believed.  It was excruciatingly hilarious, and generated tears of laughter.  Jenny Penny’s Dorothy as Florence’s supportive friend was a lovely comic performance.  Jock Dunbar’s Cosme delivering his witty lines provided an excellent foil for Florence. Florence’s leading man Stuart Pearce as St Clair was convincing as the mature, suave and flirtatious boyfriend. Laura Antoniazzi as the voluble and unintelligible Italian maid was wonderful, and Julia Whittle storming the stage as Mrs Verrinder-Gedge was the icing on the cake.



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