Frozen Junior – Now Productions (‘Summer’ cast)

Frozen Junior – Now Productions (‘Summer’ cast)

Only 10 principals of the 53 cast members were different in the Summer Cast of NOW Productions’ Frozen Junior on Friday night.

The best feedback for all the performers was the audience participation. They clapped after nearly every scene! Obviously lots of mums, dads and siblings were in the audience to support their young actors and actresses, however we all got caught up in the excitement and emotions created by this production. From the introduction “cheer if you came in costume, boo if you didn’t”, to the climax of Elsa’s song “Let it Go” and the Finale where everything came together happily, the Summer Cast had us swept away like a flurry of snowflakes. 

The animations stole the show – Levi Seyfang’s snowman Olaf was cute and captivating, with good vocals, expressive movements and pauses for good comic effect. Zelman McMillan as Sven the reindeer was excellent, especially when they all slid down towards the end.

All the Annas were suitably excitable and enthusiastic: Sabrinah Apple as Young Anna was sweet; Anna Restall as Middle Anna was lively especially when riding her bike; Lucy Oster as Anna was entrancing, energetic and charismatic, moving the story along all the time.

The Elsa’s were more controlled and peaceful: Bethany Swift as Young Else was soft and gentle; Elsie Joy as Middle Elsa was bouncy but serious; Heidi Grace Allen as Elsa seemed a bit quiet and nervous to start off with, however she was captivating at the climax of her song “Let It Go”, and flung her gloves and cape and transformed her dress with style. The dramatic lights on the wall of the theatre pulsed to her strong energy.

Caitlyn Montague was strong as Oaken, with good vocals and expressions.  Kyle Mobbs played the cheater Hans with great conviction, and the audience booed him when he admitted his deceit to Elsa. Owen Fagan was a gentle Kristoff. Abbey Murray-Cotton as Pabbie and Belle Coulson as Bulda of the Hidden Folk had good dancing expression, however sometimes their words were not loud enough to hear.

Well done Frozen Junior Summer cast! We enjoyed the whole performance. Even though most people know the story of the two sister princesses who are separated, hurt and then reunited by friends, love and magic, it is still refreshing and a bit emotional to watch NOW Productions’ version of this classic musical. Some shows are already sold out this weekend, so if you can, go along and enjoy the snow adventure, songs and music.

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