FOX ON THE FAIRWAY- St Jude’s Players

FOX ON THE FAIRWAY- St Jude’s Players

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren

July 2013

If you like a fast paced, rollicking farce then St. Jude’s latest production is a must.    Fox on the Fairway, written by Ken Ludwig and directed by Ian Rigney (affectionately known as the Master of Mirth) is all a farce should be with cues picked up promptly to create the fast pace.

The Quail Valley Gold and Country Club is undertaking a golf tournament with their arch enemies the Squirrels.  Henry Bingham, the Quail club President has roped in a star golfer as his club has lost five years running and his job is on the line if they don’t win this year.  The President of the Squirrels, Dickie Bell, goads Bingham into a $200,000 side bet and then tells him that his star golfer has switched sides.   However, all is not lost as the new Secretary, Justin Hicks, turns out to be a good golfer, as long as he doesn’t get upset.

Andrew Horwood (Bingham) was splendid, spitting his lines out like a Gatling gun and using his expressionate face and body wonderfully well.  Lindsay Dunn (Bell) played his part well with his bilious jumpers and annoying little giggle.  Shelley Crooks who played Pamela Peabody, the Club Secretary and ex-wife of Bell was superb, and nearly stole the show spitting out her lines with great venom and timing.

Brady Lloyd (Hicks) played his part with immense athleticism and energy.  His rather gangly body definitely suited the part.  Charlotte Batty who played the love of his life, Louise Heinbedder was sufficiently hysterical and girly.  Joanne St Clair as Muriel Bingham was great playing her character as a strong militant woman with a hidden feminine side.

Rigney’s direction was first class and extracted every ounce of humour.  This reviewer, however, is not a great fan of farce and the opening scene where everyone is running in and out of doors was about five doors too much. The set, designed by Robert Aust and built by a cast of millions, was spectacular and dressed to perfection.  Lighting and sound were done smoothly and efficiently.  All in all an excellent production.

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