FLAPPER – Hills Youth Theatre

FLAPPER – Hills Youth Theatre

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

August 2015

Nothing gets your toes tapping like music from the roaring twenties. Under the direction of Judy Sampson, students bring colour and life to an already impressive set by Zoe Hilton, Holly Peter and Yolanda Tree. Wonderful graphics on the cyclorama are clear and transport you back to a time of innocence and high society.

The opening number introduced us to the well-known moves of the Charleston and filled the stage with the large cast. The plot centres on flapper ‘Polly Pepper’, portrayed by a very talented Serenna Williams, popular niece of socialite Augusta Granville, wonderfully brought to life by Zanny Edhouse. We are all invited to join in on the celebrations as New York society comes together to recognise Polly’s birthday. With many sub-plots that complete the story, the cast do well to entertain the audience. Singing was delivered with varying degrees of talent and at times it was hard to hear lyrics as the backing tracks were too loud, but this did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of all on stage.

Bumbling crooks Cheater Hayes and Muggs O’Toole highlighted the comic talents of Carson Nutt and Riordan Miller-Frost. Other wonderful characterisations were offered by Tom Tassone and Imogen Deller-Evans, as the Duke and Duchess of Milford. The show stopping moment came in Act two with Carina Crowhurst as Mona Schlumpgarden, her solo was captivating and displayed a sultry mature voice that will only get better.

A well rounded production from the team at Stirling.

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