FEET OF CLAY – Unseen Theatre

FEET OF CLAY – Unseen Theatre

Reviewed by Allison Thomas

October 2016

Terry Pratchett’s books and plays always seem very complex at the beginning and, as they progress, they unravel and we understand what’s happening. Well, usually at the end!.
Feet of Clay is the 31st Terry Pratchett play produced and directed by Pamela Munt and Unseen Theatre.Very clever set design by Pamela Munt, Andrew Zeuner and David Good, who all created three stages of different heights in one area. Also, without a curtain and with no movement of furniture or props, this enabled the characters to move from one scene to another quickly and easily. So the performance flowed smoothly.
As usual, Terry Pratchett’s quirky sense of humour made the full house audience laugh often on Opening Night.
Alycia Rabig enticed and delighted as Cheery Littlebottom and stole the show with her lovely long beard and cheeky repartee. Mike Shaw in his role as Commander Sir Samuel Vines was very sleuth-like and dramatic, apart from a couple of lines. Each time I’ve seen Aimee Ford perform in a male role she pulls it off admirably, and she was suitably unsophisticated as both Nobby Nobbs and Doughnut Jimmy.
The other actors played multiple characters (including the golem) to good effect with many gender and accent changes. Sometimes the pronunciation of words was not clear as lines were rushed or mumbled, however I’m sure this will improve over the season. Michelle Whichello and Kahlia Tutty’s costumes were well designed, especially the City Watch and Cheery Littlebottom’s changing wardrobe! The musical themes throughout the show, especially Pink Panther and Queen’s “Blinded by the Light” were appropriate, well timed and contributed to the suspense and humour. At the end we find out the truth – or is it just something that is made up? Go and get your own insights into what it’s all about! 
Angua, Carrot and Cheery characters in Feet of Clay
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