DRINKING HABITS – Venture Theatre Company

DRINKING HABITS – Venture Theatre Company

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

July 2013

Luke Wagner has taken on the task of directing 8 actors with differing experience in a show sure to tickle the funny bone.

Drinking Habits is a delightful comedy written by Tom Smith. The action takes place in the main room of a tiny convent. The audience enter to an open curtain and witness Sisters Philamena played by Leanne Albers and Augusta played by Shelley Carman busily sewing. Both actors fared well in their roles.

 In an act of desperation the Sisters take it upon themselves to make wine and sell it in a bid to ease the financial pressures the convent is facing. This is made all the more difficult as Mother Superior played by Lee Glasson is opposed to even the mention of the word alcohol. Their secret is further threatened with the arrival of visiting Nuns and two undercover reporters. Reporter Sally brought to life by Christie Molloy is confident and determined to find out whether she has stumbled on the source of the award winning wine. Her partner in work Paul is played by Jaye Toetu, he stammers through his dialogue with comic genius.

Kyle Hopgood as Father Chenille was exceptional. Visiting Nun Sister Mary Catherine portrayed by Lucy Marshallsay gave a solid performance, as did George played by David Giles.

A madcap chase scene at the end of Act One was a highlight of this chaotic farce.

At times lines were lost, but this could be put down to Opening night Jitters. All in all this latest offering from Venture is just plain fun!

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