DOUBT – St Jude’s Players

DOUBT – St Jude’s Players

Review by Wendy Mildren  19 April 2012.

Doubt was a bold choice by director Robert McCarthy for St. Jude’s season opener, but it was a brilliant one. 
The play was written by John Shanley and set in the Bronx in 1964.

A fiercely conservative nun is convinced that the charismatic new priest is behaving inappropriately with a boy who’s new to the school.  In spite of having no proof of wrong doing, she relentlessly tries to create proof for her suspicions.


Pam O’Grady was originally to play the part of Sister Aloysius but at the last minute had to pull out because of health issues. 
Julie Quick stepped in at the last minute and was brilliant.  She was able to read some of the dialogue whilst sitting at her desk, but a large proportion of the script had to be learned.  Quick handled the wordy script with ease and created a memorable character.
Nigel Tripodi, as Father Flynn was splendid.  He handled his role exceptionally well invoking sympathy from the audience, whilst at the same time causing doubt – no mean feat. 
Mirium Keane as Sister James was very good; her agile face was able to portray her confusion when criticised for the caring of her pupils and her distaste for the relentless pursuit  to discredit Father Flynn.
Da Linga played the cameo role of Mrs. Muller with style. 
The set was atmospheric and worked well, as did the lighting and sound effects.   The costumes were authentic and really set the scenes.  
Having no interval allowed the drama of the play to build to its conclusion. 
All in all an extremely entertaining night.


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