“Cut” and “Being a Zombie” by Wings2Fly Theatre

“Cut” and “Being a Zombie” by Wings2Fly Theatre

Wings2Fly Theatre has once again worked carefully within the “new normal” for audience attended performances and has served up an entertaining afternoon.

The junior cast offering of “Being a Zombie” was largely a talking heads piece (no pun intended!) The young cast were on the ball and on cue throughout and individual cameos were faultless. The insertion of pre-taped material was technically seamless as it focused our attention to another level thus allowing both junior and senior cast members to contribute to the narrative. I thought the play was very wordy and therefore staged, by needs must, in a manner quite static which seemed to somewhat dampen the knockabout fun the Zombie theme can deliver. That being said, the junior actors relished their individual contributions and showed pride and pleasure via their excellent teamwork.

Among the many individual performers worthy of a mention were Marsha Zabanias who opened the piece with commendable stage presence and flair, Josh Elford’s philosophical delivery towards the end and Olivia Whitbread’s mini barrage of Zombie jokes.

The senior group offering of “Cut” was funny, arresting and energetic. A cleverly written piece centred on a play rehearsal (with numerous claimant directors) and a constant merging and mix of stage and potential reality. I liked it a lot! Apart from its derivative “Groundhog Day” inspiration it reminded me of the quirky movie “The Purple Rose of Cairo” in which characters step into and out of the screen thus merging make-believe with reality.

Along with the appreciative audience, I loved the opening hyperbole of Byron Jeffery and Laura Lines who combined brilliantly with great comic effect, the delightfully absurd ladder routine with workmen Tim Giumelli and James Walters and their hilarious discussion re the “thirty-three forty-sevens” (I think!). I too was curious about the offstage accidental death of “Bobby”. Who’s Bobby!!!

“Cut” had great comic flair, was delivered with collective enthusiasm and possessed the two absolutes of good comic presentation, timing and pace. An excellent ensemble effort. I must congratulate Wings2Fly directors Michelle Nightingale (“Zombie”) and Alicia Zorkovic (“Cut”) for harnessing the collective energy and considerable talents of the large casts. Courtesy of Matt Ralphs technical matters were smooth throughout. It was a fun afternoon at the theatre.

“Cut” & “All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Being a Zombie”
Wings2Fly Theatre
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Alan Shepley
Alan Shepley
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