CURTAINS -Therry Dramatic Society

CURTAINS -Therry Dramatic Society

Reviewed by Wendy Mildren

June 2010

Therry has pulled out all the bells and whistles for its South Australian premiere of ‘Curtains’.   It had a huge cast who danced, sang and acted for all they were worth.

‘Curtains’ is a musical send-up of backstage murder mystery plots.  The show revolves around an out-of-town musical named ‘Robbin’ Hood of the Old West’, and on opening night the under-performing star of the show is murdered as she is taking her bows.   The police are called in to investigate and Detective Frank Cioffi (Nicholas Bishop) appears and not only solves the case but saves the show from ruin by revamping the final scenes.


Every part was played way over the top to the delight of the audience.  Ian Rigney, played the part of the high camp director “Christopher Belling”, and obviously relished the part.  Sue Wylie as “Carmen Bernstein” the part owner of the show, played her part with real verve and was a delight to watch.  Bishop as the detective with a longing to be a musical star, was great, and his love interest, “Niki Harris” played by Michelle Nightingale was sufficiently coy and produced a fine singing voice.  Chloe Castledine as the step in new leading lady “Georgia Hendricks” acted her part beautifully.  Belinda Price as “Bambi” produced a show-stopper dance showing amazing athleticism and grace.  The highlight of the show for this reviewer, was the excellent chorus work.

The set was minimal but the painted backdrops were fantastic.  Credit must be given to Denise Lovick for the effective lighting.  Credit should be given to Mark Delaine and his orchestra as they did a splendid job.  Also costumes were bright and effective – so well done the crew who produced them.
In all, a fun night’s entertainment.  Well done Therry.

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