COMEDY CAPERS – Scouts Association

COMEDY CAPERS – Scouts Association

Reviewed by Kerry Cooper

May 2015

Celebrating their 50th Jubilee, gang shows in all their forms bring joy to the masses and participants alike. Comedy Capers, a joint venture by Scouts and Girl Guides Australia has shifted its focus to theme styled shows in the past years and this has proven to be very successful.

The production team of too many to mention have done an incredible job in bringing together 129 participants of varying ages to provide a cabaret of dance, comedy, slapstick and song. With just as many people behind the scenes, this production has something for everybody. In rehearsals since January, the efforts of many was appreciated by a very vocal audience. Songs from every genre sang with enthusiasm and charm and enjoyable choreography provided many toe-tapping musical numbers. Behind the baton David Knott did a great job in his direction of talented musicians. Lighting was spectacular and highlighted the incredible amount of costumes on display. 

Highlights in the second half were provided by a news room skit and a riveting drumming display. A history lesson on the origins of the gang show was incorporated into the production and provided a wonderful lesson in mateship and one man’s inspiring goal to bring Broadway to the local stage.

Directors have done a fine job in highlighting the varying abilities of the performers, with some incredible vocal talent on display. You get the sense that this production is a celebration of sorts and it is hard not to get swept up in the festivities.

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